Scott Humphrey 3




The Detective, The Dame, and The Devil The Detective Stephanie Costa/ Vertical Heart Productions
The Shape of Things Philip Sara Rodriguez/ Not a Real Theatre Company
Fuddy Meers Millet Stuart Fink/ inFurnace Productions
The Bad Guys Paul Stephen Alarie/ Collective Productions
To Be: In Concert Benny Trevor Barrette/ Kaleidoscope Theatre
None of the Above Clark Trevor Barrette/ Kaleidoscope Theatre
The Taming of the Shrew Lucentio Eleanor Crowder/ Bear & Co. Productions
Cyrano de Bergerac D’Artagnan & Ensemble David Whitely/ Plosive Productions
The Clown Prince Snipe Nadia Verrucci/ Centaur’s Children Series
Red Noses Father Toulon Joel Miller/ Concordia University
Titanica: The Great Battlegown Jimmy Brendan Healy/ Concordia University
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