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January 25th, 2018: New Year; time for an update! (These are definitely getting fewer and further between….)

I had the fabulous opportunity to have a line on the upcoming Flarsky with Seth Rogen and Andy Serkis this past fall, and am happy to report there was some other voice work over that time as well. And although I have no specific plans for the coming months, I am in the early phases of writing a few new projects, and can’t wait to share them with you as they come to fruition!

July 26th, 2017: Halfway through summer: must be time to update the news section of my website!

I’ve had some fabulous gigs over the past couple of months, including voicing a lead in an animated feature film, playing a small scene in Sleeper opposite the lovely and talented Elizabeth Neale and Kara Killmer, and the Fringe premiere of The Detective, The Dame, and The Devil!

That last one has been a dream for me, seeing how long it’s been on the horizon and in the works. A huge thank you to my cast and crew, and to the Montreal Fringe Festival. We were nominated for “Most Promising English Company” and for the “Big Things in Small Places” awards, as well as having some really incredible feedback from our audiences. 10/10, would Fringe again! For the interested, check out a roundup of our reviews and media coverage here.

June 5th, 2017: It’s happening! It’s really happening! And it’s almost upon us!!

The St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival, running from May 29th-June 18th in the beautiful, vibrant, not-currently-so-sunny Montreal. And The Detective, The Dame, and The Devil is in the thick of it, itching to open! Rehearsals have been a smash; interviews are coming out; tech is just around the corner; and buzz is in the air! I couldn’t be happier with how everything has been going, and most importantly, with the team we’ve put together.

More information about the show and the team is right here.

If you’re in town at all between June 8th and 17th, why not get a ticket? Tickets available here!

March 26th, 2017: Whabam! Happy New Year! Just a few months late, no big deal. Opening later this week is Not a Real Theatre Company’s production of Neil LaBute’s The Shape of Things, which has been a total blast to work on with some of Montreal’s finest. If you’re in the area, why not come check it out  March 30th-April 2nd?

All of my good friends from LARPs have been kicking ass and taking names here in Montreal and in Toronto, tackling voice projects, video games, television series, and more. I couldn’t be prouder of ’em.

Stay tuned right here for information about The Detective, The Dame, and The Devil, a wacky film noir parody that I wrote and have the good fortune to be able to produce in June at the St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival! Starring myself, Elizabeth Neale, and Adam Capriolo, and directed by Stephanie Costa, I’m unimaginably excited to get into the nitty-gritty of bringing that crazy world to light and sharing it with you all. Have a great spring and summer!

December 22nd, 2016: Happy holidays, one and all! 2016 is drawing to a close. A very eventful year indeed! A film gig this summer is still under wraps, so more details when it comes out. I have been lucky enough to be working in voice through the fall, including the role of Brian Rourke in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and many a session on a new up-and-coming English-dubbed Italian show, Maggie & Bianca Fashion Friends!

And, best of all, two theatre productions coming up in the new year! I’ll be playing the role of Philip in Neil Labute’s The Shape of Things, and I’ll be directing The Detective, The Dame, and the Devil at the Montreal Fringe this coming summer! No doubt a very busy time, but a very exciting one. Updates will keeping coming as they become available, folks!

July 23rd, 2016: Summer is at its height, and life is good in Montreal! Between voice and film gigs, the LARPs team is still streaming on Twitch (check out the links below), including a live-streamed game of Exalted: 3rd Edition, which you find at !

In a month or so, I’ll be able to speak more about the film gig I have coming up, but until then, you’ll have to content yourselves with the details of an awesome theatrical experiment: Emerge in Motion, curated by one Travis Martin. Don’t change the channel if you want more news from Montreal! (OK, you’re allowed to change the channel. But only temporarily.)

March 10th, 2016: It’s not even that I have “news” per se, but it would be impossible not to share my excitement about the current goings-on here in Montreal!
Moving forward on The Detective, The Dame, and the Devil is my priority right now. Oh, that’s the play I’m in the midst of writing for the Montreal Fringe this summer! I’ve been pleased with the progress of the script, and especially after some feedback that helped me let go of some of my more “precious” moments, it’s almost ready for a read-through. Look out Montreal; the LARPs team is taking over!

Speaking of which, Twitch streaming continues to grow and find new audience. With liz_lemon17, The Coolian, and JonVerrall, I’ve been continuing my experiment in streamed video-game-inspired improvisation with pretty fun results. Check out my highlight reels here!
Stay tuned!

January 1st, 2016: Happy 2016 friends and fellow geeks! 2015 was one heck of a blisteringly-hot ride! (I think that’s a good thing?)

Season 2 of LARPs has been released in its entirety on Geek & Sundry. We’ve had tons of great feedback from fans here in Montreal and abroad, and the team couldn’t be more proud. On a personal note, there’s a certain joy in knowing you’ve had a hand in creating something that made both yourself and thousands of others happy. WHABAM! Emotional honesty!
So, have you seen it yet? No? Want to watch the whole thing in succession?! (I know, a crazy idea!) Click here for the YouTube playlist!
If you liked it, share it! If you really liked it, check out the store for sweet merch!
We obviously hope to keep moving forward with the show, possibly with a Season 3 in the future, but right now it’s dependent on budget. (Really? A film project that isn’t instantly fully funded?! Tell me more!) Updates will come, don’t you worry.

With the second season of LARPs in the can, 2016 is wide open for other new and exciting projects. I’m in the midst of doing a second draft of a play that may be going up at the St. Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival in June; I’ll be involved in a staged reading of Betty’s Summer Vacation by Christopher Durang here in Montreal in February; that mystery videogame project I participated in should be out in the coming months; and members of the LARPs team have started streaming on Twitch! Check me out here, as well as Elizabeth Neale (#Punchy! ‘Nuff said.), and Julian Stamboulieh (a.k.a. The Coolian!). Keep checking in here for new goings-on, as well as new voice and film demos (coming soon!).

October 24th, 2015: Fall brings the change of many things, including the release of Season 2 of LARPs: The Series! You can find the prologue here, as well as the following 3 episodes, with a new release every Thursday on Geek & Sundry. The whole team is so incredibly proud of our product, and it would mean the world to us if you would watch and share!

In other news, head on over to my Facebook feed if you want to be jealous of my trip to England & Ireland!

September 24th, 2015: Greetings from Shannon! That’s right, part-way through a trip to Ireland and England, I realized that updating this page had slipped my mind. So enjoy my jet-lag-fueled ramblings!

Booked a role on The Art of More, as below, and one in a video game coming out soon too! Pretty productive September, I’d say. Details to come as soon as I’m allowed to say anything else!

Also, the second season of LARPs (for which I’m MIND-NUMBINGLY excited, by-the-by) has been “on its way” for a number of months now. But the trailer drops TODAY on Geek & Sundry, and the season proper will be coming out week-by-week shortly thereafter! Needless to say, I’m very proud of everyone’s work and can’t wait to share it with the geek-verse. Pics to come, but also check out my Twitter if you’d like to stay up-to-date!

August 6th, 2015: Aaaaaaaaaand we’re halfway through summer. Blink and you’ll miss it! Just got cast on the new television series The Art of More, and although I can’t reveal anything about it yet, I will say it does sound like it’ll be fun!

Also, LARPs: The Series returned to Gen Con in Indianapolis this year, this time with LARPs: The Booth! Fun, right? Pics to come, but suffice it to say that Gen Con continues to be the most wonderful, overwhelming experience out there. If you like board games, you gotta go. Seriously. Oh, AND we got to meet some really cool super-fans of the show, which is always a joy! And I may or may not have bought a few board games for my own amusement too….

June 5th, 2015: Short and sweet folks: LARPs: The Series has wrapped production of Season 2. So… that was the best experience of my life. And an incredibly epic production, to boot! An exciting summer of conventions, plays, and other projects await, but there’s nothing I want more than to fast-forward to our release in the fall!

May 5th, 2015: Revenge of the 5th?! Block 1 of LARPs: The Series second season is over, and the run of Fuddy Meers is into its second week. Can’t wait to post updates to behind-the-scenes content from both projects as they become available! And look out for the LARPs making their way to conventions around North America this summer!

April 10th, 2015: OK, way too much to report on and not enough free time in which to report it, so here’s all the excitement in point form.

  • Geek & Sundry has finished re-releasing all of Season 1 on their channel, and we now have well over 50,000 views PER EPISODE! How’s that for reaching a bigger audience? Direct interaction with fans of the show via comments & social media has also been a total riot; can’t wait to bring them a new and improved Season 2!
  • Speaking of which…. we’ve started shooting the second season of LARPs here in Montréal! Our crew has almost tripled in size compared to Season 1, and we’re now shooting over two months instead of two weeks. Stay up-to-date with all of the shenanigans via any LARPs media: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or website!
  • The Indiegogo was a roarin’ success, raising just over $40,000! We’re still InDemand, which means is you missed the chance to donate, you still can! Check us out here.
  • Fuddy Meers is on like a… fawn? Lawn?! At any rate, it’s coming along! The show opens in about 3 weeks, and our rehearsals have been just as crazy as you might expect from a script like this one.

March 9th, 2015: Greetings from beautiful, sunny Ottawa! (And this time, I’m not being facetious!) While on a brief stopover to visit my parents, I thought I would take a moment of downtime to update you all on the exciting on-the-cusp-of-spring happenings. Fuddy Meers is now in rehearsals, and without giving too much away, director Stuart Fink and inFurnace Theatre are taking this dark and hilarious show and making it a whole ton crazier by bringing the inner life of Claire (the protagonist) into the set and costumes. OK, any more info than that and I’ll be spoiling it. My lip is zipped, Sporto… but suffice it to say, it should be pretty freakin’ exciting.

On the LARPs front, our Season 1 episodes continue to launch on Geek & Sundry, with new Behind-the-Scenes content every week on their Facebook page as well. Response has been overwhelmingly positive, and I couldn’t be happier that our series is reaching tons of new fans. Season 2 is on track to shoot in April and May, with a release date of late summer or early fall 2015, and this new season is going to be bigger, better, and even crazier than the first! Buckle up! In order to help get Season 2 off the ground, we’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, which, at the time of this writing, had made 50% of our goal in the first three days! If you’re interested in supporting the show (or just want some sweet swag), check out the campaign here.

Oh, and LARPs just took home Best Comedy Series at the Vancouver Web Fest!! Follow Elizabeth Neale’s blog here for all the pics and witticisms you can handle, yo!

February 3rd, 2015: Well, we’re into February now, and while the weather may not have improved, things are chugging along. The Bad Guys played for a week at Mainline Theatre to some pretty sweet acclaim (especially for the ensemble’s performances)! LARPs is being released weekly on Geek & Sundry, and there are a few auditions happening around town. InFurnace Theatre’s production of Fuddy Meers will be starting rehearsals soon too, and with a bold visual style, it promises to be an exciting show! Stay tuned for more info!

January 18th, 2015: The Bad Guys is coming up fast (January 27-February 1), but in more immediate news…. *clears throat* LARPs has been re-released on Geek & Sundry! SO EXCITED!! Check out Episode 0 here, or the first in a series of new behind the scenes videos on Geek & Sundry’s Facebook page here! Happy 2015!

December 23rd, 2014: Today is my very special 2014: The Year in Review. (Because if you can’t even sound pretentious, what’s the point?!) From theatrical acting to theatrical directing, from videogames to dubbing, from just a leg in a commercial to a lead in a webseries, from Fringe to ComicCon & Gen Con, 2014 has indeed been a wild one. I can only hope most of my years in Montréal will be this jam-packed with awesome projects and amazing people! My personal highlight was being able to take a little of Montréal’s quirky charm to Indianapolis for Gen Con, and then return, knowing just how much I love this city.

And coming up in 2015: The Bad Guys by Alena Smith (Collective Productions), Fuddy Meers by David Lindsay Abaire (inFurnace Theatre), the relaunch of Season 1 of LARPs: The Series on Geek & Sundry, plus the shooting of a second season!

October 5th, 2014: September turned into a rockin’ ride since my last update, so now that I can catch my breath, here’s what’s been happening. Leah Sherman Productions’ The Clawfoot and Hot Tub Interviews was a great success, seen by over 200 patrons during its 8-show run, and selling out a number of its shows. Way to go, guys!

I booked and shot a commercial in the past weeks as well! Hershey’s Pot of Gold chocolates will be advertised nationwide in a series going up around the holidays. Keep an eye out for the quiet guy on the couch….

And in LARPs news, our panel at Montreal Comiccon (hosted by yours truly) was a rousing success: discussion about the series, a Q&A with an enthusiastic crowd, and some Season 2 teases were just some of the highlights. As always, head on over to Elizabeth Neale’s LARPs: The Blog here if you want to catch up on our current goings-on!

September 9th, 2014: OK, quick updates: Leah Sherman Productions’ The Clawfoot and Hot Tub Interviews opens on Thursday here in Montréal, with little ole’ me at the helm. Rehearsals have been an incredibly fun time, and I’m looking forward to being able to sit back and watch the show alongside audiences sharing in the laughs!

Also coming up this weekend is Montreal Comiccon, at which I will be involved in two separate events! Not bad for a first-timer…. Monstrum, a horror play by Montrealer Michael Mitchell, will be seen at Comiccon as a reading, with yours truly doing stage directions and sound cues. Not the most glamourous job, I know, but being involved in such a deliciously fun project has been a reward in itself.

The other event at Comiccon is a LARPs: The Series panel, hosted by none other than me! Featuring Elizabeth Neale (actress/associate producer), Julian Stamboulieh (director/co-creator), and Jon Verrall (writer/co-creator), the panel will be an opportunity for the team to address frequently asked questions about the series, tease some info about season 2, and acknowledge our Best Web Series win at Gen Con 2014! (OK, that last one won’t be at the panel, but I needed to find a way to work it in, ok?!) If you’re in Montreal, stop by Comiccon and say hi!

August 9th, 2014: Happy summer! The season has been a time for pursuing personal projects, some of which are starting to come to fruition. I’m in the process of writing a one-man show for (hopefully) next year’s Montreal FRINGE Festival, and if it turns out well, I hope to be able to take it on the road! Also coming up in about a month is a production I’ll be directing of Werner Treischmann’s short comedy The Clawfoot and Hot Tub Interviews. Being produced and featuring two of my friends, Alyson Leah and Jesse Sherman (making up LeahSherman Productions), this is guaranteed to be a fun time!

In LARPs: The Series news, we are now officially an award-winning web series! LARPs picked up FilmQuest’s Best Web Series Award in Salt Lake City, and we couldn’t be happier. Our director Julian Stamboulieh got to meet some very cool people, and, no big deal or anything, but there is a Cthullu statuette on its way to us right now…. Next up for LARPs is a screening of the full series at Gen Con in Indianapolis next week. We’ve got a number of people going down, including yours truly, so check back here for details… And I promise to try to not get too distracted by all of the gaming and cosplaying goodness!

July 7th, 2014: I finally have a rudimentary film demo up! You can check it out here.

June 30th, 2014: Oops! Where have I been these six weeks, you may ask? Or you may not be asking that… Well, I’m answering anyway! The last couple of weeks have been spent, as I teased way back in May, at the St-Ambroise Montreal FRINGE Festival! I got to write for the Montreal cultural blog Bloody Underrated (check out my very short reviews of 9 of the festival’s dozens of shows here), and had a blast doing so; because Fringe festivals are so huge, audiences often have to make tough decisions about what to see based on their limited time. Being assigned to review all the shows at a specific venue gave me the opportunity to see shows I otherwise would never have chosen to watch, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise! That said, two of my favourite shows at the Montreal FRINGE this year, In Memoriam: The Wake of Cheddar Fandango and Johnny Legdick, created by some awesome young Montreal talent, have been selected to be part of the Centaur Theatre’s Wildside Festival in January! Rock on!

In other news, LARPs: The Series has been selected to be screened in the “film” portions of two prominent fantasy/geek conventions in North America: Salt Lake City’s FilmQuest (a part of Fantasy Con) and Indianapolis’ Gen Con (the “best-attended gaming convention in the world!”). Needless to say, the team is very excited to be taking part in both events, not just for the opportunity to screen our work, but also to be able to meet and connect with fans and others who share our love of gaming and fantasy. Stay tuned for details!

May 15th, 2014: Spring has sprung, and it promises to be a wonderful summer here in Montreal: the sun is out, and so are the terrasses! A number of films, television series, and animated series are currently in development, slated for production this summer. I hope to have some auditions in the next couple of months, so stay tuned for developments (hopefully)!

One event to which I am looking forward is the Festival St-Ambroise Fringe de Montréal, taking place from June 2nd-22nd. While I didn’t have the opportunity to perform this year, I will be part of the team reviewing shows with Bloody Underrated. What a great opportunity to see a huge variety of work from Montreal and abroad!

In other news, LARPs: The Series has been officially selected to take part in the Austin Webfest! We hope to hear back from more festivals soon, but for now, we’re 2 for 2! And speaking of official selections at festivals… the LARPs team went to Toronto this past weekend for the TO WebFest! Getting to meet creators, actors, producers, and production companies (not to mention watching some incredible screenings) was a great first introduction to the wild and wonderful world of new web series! (Yuck, try saying that 10 times quickly.) For updates, pictures, and vines of the whole weekend, check out Elizabeth Neale’s webpage, where she hosts LARPs: The Blog. Keep checking in here for news about projects happening in Montreal, and for updates about LARPs: The Series!

April 9th, 2014: LARPs: The Series continues to be a focal point for me as Montreal transforms from winter wonderland to spring paradise (spoiler alert: hardly a paradise weather-wise yet!). In addition to loads of positive press & feedback, the team is now submitting the series to various festivals around the world. So far, LARPs: The Series has become an official selection for the inaugural year of the TO Web Fest in May 2014! I’m looking forward to being able to attend the whole weekend of web series madness, and hopefully report back some great news for the series. Stay tuned to hear about any more festivals that we may be attending!

Additionally, last night I had the opportunity to do my first dubbing gig in studio. Meznak is a French/Innu film (based loosely on Hamlet) to be re-released with an English overdub. While the session was lightning-quick, it was great to be able to work with the rhythmoband and other technology used for dubbing. And who knows… maybe this will lead to more gigs in the future!

March 11th, 2014: How time can fly! LARPs: The Series has been dominating my life these past couple of weeks, with Episode 0 garnering about 27,000 views and local, national, and international media attention. Yesterday we launched the series online with the first two episodes, and we’ll be posting three times a week for three weeks. I continue to be blown away by the final product this team was able to create, and I’m getting more and more hyped about possibly creating a second season together. Getting the word out is the most important thing to do at this point, so expect to see lots of the team making themselves known online!

Additionally, I have now completed over half of ACTRA’s “Acting for Videogames” workshop! (The last session was delayed for scheduling reasons, so expect updates on that front soon.) I’ve been able to Work with Simon Peacock on voice acting in games as well as cutting-edge facial capture technology that is being used, in addition to spending time with Mark Camacho on the skills required for dubbing. An exciting and enlightening experience so far; looking forward to motion-capture with Carlo Mestroni on Saturday, too!

February 15th, 2014: It’s been a week-and-a-half since the launch of Episode 0 of LARPs: The Series, and we’ve had lots of online attention and 20,000 views! Needless to say, I’m very proud of our progress so far, and extremely excited to hear people’s reactions to the series proper! One of our cast members, Elizabeth Neale, has started a blog to highlight the feedback and media attention around LARPs: The Series! You can find the blog here.

The “Acting for Videogames” workshop is still on the horizon for early March, which I’m continuing to look forward to. Stay tuned for more information!

February 5th, 2014: The day has finally arrived: LARPs: The Series has launched! In just over 24 hours, we’ve had 1,500 views of Episode 0. I’m very excited to be a part of something new in Montreal, especially something that’s been receiving such great feedback already!

I’ve embedded the video here, but you can also check out the website for updates at . Stay tuned for the release of Season 1, Episode 1 on March 10th!

January 22nd, 2014: I guess a little update is order, no?

I figured the rehearsal process for To Be: In Concert would be full of updates, but it just whizzed by! The two-and-a-half weeks were jam-packed with singing, dancing, and other fabulous times with the great cast and crew… just in time for our opening tomorrow night! While only running for four performances, I have no doubt it will be an exciting time for all, especially those who are passionate about new musical theatre here in Montreal!

Additionally, the “Acting for Videogames” workshop I mentioned in December has officially begun. All 32 participants had an evening of videogame theory (history of gaming & types of games, with an emphasis on Montreal production) and several hours of vocal strengthening & technique work. All in all, a very satisfying evening… now on to the really exciting part: voice, dubbing, and performance capture!

December 30th, 2013: Happy holidays to all! It’s that time of the year where we all reflect on what has passed, and look forward to what’s coming up. Over the past year, I’ve participated in Taming of the Shrew at the Gladstone Theatre in Ottawa, None of the Above here in Montreal, attended the Magnetic North Theatre Festival, and shot a new webseries due out early in the New Year… phew! What will 2014 hold?

Well, for starters, in addition to the imminent (we hope) arrival of LARPs: The Series, I have also been cast in a small role in another new webseries due to shoot in March! Created by Montreal’s Michaela di Cesare (creator and performer of the touring 8 Ways My Mother Was Conceived), the series Sex & Ethnicity follows (in her words): “Anna, [as she] tries to juggle her boisterous Italian family, her life outside of theatre school, her new job at a zany theatre company and her relationship with a non-ethnic commitment phobe with the help of her good friends: Margi, Sun & Jenny.” In the style of HBO’s hit series Girls, it promises to be a fun ride!

Additionally, I will be working with Simon Peacock, Mark Camacho, and Carlo Mestroni, in a new workshop being offered by ACTRA: “Acting for Videogames”. With the multi-billion dollar industry making a lot of headway here in Montreal, this workshop will provide a number of young Montreal actors the chance to understand the specific challenges of acting in videogames, as well as practical experience in the techniques required. All in all, 2014 is shaping up to be a phenomenal year!

December 7th, 2013: None of the Above has come and gone, as has one of the greatest experiences of my life. What a fantastic time! Reviews of the show were quite positive, including Bloody Underrated and The Rover, but more than anything, I had tons of fun with a great cast and crew. And in other exciting news, I’ve been cast in Kaleidoscope Theatre Montreal’s next production in January. To Be is a new musical written and directed by Trevor Barrette, and will be showing in a special “concert version” at Mainline Theatre from January 23rd-26th. More details to come!

November 14th, 2013:How time flies; we’re already two weeks into rehearsals for None of the Above! Presented at Mainline Theatre by Kaleidoscope Theatre Montreal, the play tells the story of Jamie, a 17 year-old socialite living in New York, and Clark, the 21 year-old in charge of tutoring the reluctant Jamie for her SAT. It’s been an incredibly fun time so far with my very talented co-star Lily MacLean and directors Trevor Barrette & Michelle Lewis! The show is running for only a week (November 26th-30th), but I am nonetheless very excited. Be sure to check back here for any media coverage of the show!

October 5th, 2013: Well, in hindsight, “hectic” was certainly the right word to describe the process that was the LARPs shoot… perhaps even an understatement! Two straight weeks of 14-16 hour days both in Montreal and up north in the Laurentians has been difficult, but intensely rewarding, both personally and professionally. We got a quick look at a rough cut of the “teaser” for the series, and suffice it to say that I think many people will be very excited to watch when it comes out! Stay tuned for updates about the state of the series, including release dates, launch parties, and promotional material. Now, for a quick rest before the beginning of rehearsals for None of the Above, playing at Mainline Theatre November 26th-30th!

September 21st, 2013: Only two days until shooting begins on the first season of LARPs! For a few different reasons, we’ll be shooting the approximately 60 minutes of material in a condensed two-week block, so hectic times are upon us, but with such an incredible team assembled for such an incredible project, I think it’ll be worth every early morning, late night, and long day! Tune in to my Twitter feed for updates from the set over the following few weeks, and you can be sure to hear all about the first season once it’s finalized!

August 25th, 2013: The fall is certainly shaping up to be busy! In addition to LARPs, I’ve just been cast in a play going up in November here in Montreal! The two-hander None of the Above by Jenny Lyn Bader, presented by Kaleidoscope Theatre (with whom I did The Tempest last year), is a comedy about teenaged Jamie and her SAT tutor Clark. More than that I shouldn’t say; wouldn’t want to spoil the story! Keep checking in here for updates as we cast the role of Jamie!

August 21st, 2013: We had the first read-through of the entire first season of the new web series, tentatively titled LARP & Effect. What an ambitious and exciting project! The cast will be comprised primarily of five: Jonathan Silver, Elizabeth Neale, Charlotte Rogers, Jon Verrall, and myself, and the season will feature 10 episodes and one “teaser”. Without putting any spoilers out there before we’ve even shot it, the series will be dramatic and hilarious, lighthearted and thought-provoking, with action, wit, and romance. What more could you ask for?! Check back in right here for updates on the series as we draw closer to production!

July 13th, 2013: I have been cast as a series lead in a new web series shooting here in Montréal in the fall! Not yet officially titled, “LARP” follows a group of young friends who Live-Action RolePlay fantasy games together, and how their real lives & real selves clash with their in-game personas. Story and direction by Julian Stamboulieh, produced by Benjamin Warner & Beanduck Productions, and written by Jon Verrall. I am very excited to be a part of this team as “Will”, and will be posting updates as the summer progresses.  I’ll also post a cast list when it is confirmed, too!

June 18th, 2013: Well, the whirlwind that was the 2013 Magnetic North Theatre Festival has finished. This annual festival celebrating Canadian theatre coast to coast featured some great shows, including: The God That Comes (2b Theatre), A Brimful of Asha (WhyNot Theatre), War of 1812 (VideoCabaret), and Winners and Losers (Theatre Replacement and NewWorld Theatre). In addition to taking in some top-notch theatre, I got a chance to meet actors, designers, producers, and theatre creators from all over the country; an inspiring group of people that have pushed me to think about the kind of work I want to create in Montréal and across the country. What a fantastic experience!

June 8th, 2013: Tomorrow is the first day of the Compass Points program, part of the Magnetic North Theatre Festival. (Check it out here!) I’ll be participating as an emerging artist, attending performances, industry events, theatre panels/discussions, and a variety of other events. In should also be said that he is very excited to meet other artists from across the country, and hopefully work with them in the future to create great Canadian theatre!

May 4th, 2013: Bear & Co.’s Taming of the Shrew is sadly over. The all-male production, directed by Eleanor Crowder, was well-attended and well-enjoyed by many (and find here reviews of the production from Charpo-Canada and The Capital Critics’ Circle). I hope to return to Ottawa again in the future. What a crazy ride it’s been with Bear & Co.!

April 2nd, 2013: Day 1 of rehearsals for Bear & Co.’s Taming of the Shrew. To be performed at The Gladstone Theatre (information here!), director Eleanor Crowder’s choice to cast all-male actors reflects not only the zaniness of the play, but also the circumstances for which Shakespeare. So far, tons of fun at rehearsals, with madcap hijinx around every corner!

December 18th, 2012: My website is launched!